Frequently Asked Questions

EKGaction was created with multiple users in mind: cardiology fellows, internal medicine residents, family practice residents, emergency medicine residents, hospitalists, and physician assistants and nurse practitioners who focus on cardiology. Practicing physicians can use it to keep their EKG interpretation skills sharp. An EKG is only as good as the quality of its interpretation.

Completing the contents of EKGaction provides the user with examples of all of the ABIM-style EKG answer choices. It is suggested that it be repeated at least annually during training. EKGaction is indexed by ABIM-style answer choice number, by case number, and by collateral diagnosis, making it useful as a reference.

Action potential is the change in electrical potential associated with the passage of an impulse along the membrane of a muscle cell or nerve cell. EKGaction invites you to Realize YOUR Potential. The EKGaction logo includes a lead II tracing of a patient with an intermittent accessory pathway.

There are two payment options for an EKGaction subscription.

The first is an individual subscription for $99 for one year.

The second is an institutional subscription for $249/year plus $69/year for each trainee and/or professional staff (individual) the institution wishes to sponsor. For example, an institution with 10 individuals would pay $249 + (10 x $69) = $939. Thus, there is one financial transaction that includes both the institution and its sponsored individuals. When setting up an institutional account the institution creates an Activation Key. Each sponsored individual must then create an individual account, register using their institution’s name, click Sign up, and accept the Terms and Conditions. At the bottom of the next page, the individual will enter the sponsoring Institution Name and Activation Key to Verify institutional membership. This is only required for initial Sign up. Thereafter, logging into the educational material requires only user name and password. In this way both the institution and the sponsored individuals can have access to the educational material and the sponsoring institution can monitor the work of the sponsored individual.

If you are sponsored by an institution, select your institution’s name, enter the activation key they provided and your account will be activated at no additional cost to you. Non-sponsored individuals checkout for $99 to activate your account. All accounts will remain active for one year.