A case-based proven educational method with applications for:
  • Teaching/reinforcing EKG-interpretation skills
  • Preparing for certification examinations
  • Quick Quizzes for small groups
  • Quality assurance

EKGaction Key Features

EKG Learning Bank

Learn essentials and nuances from a bank of 200 thoroughly-indexed cases which provide examples of every ABIM-style answer choice that is defined in EKG Review.

Learning Points

Learning Points accompany each case and are joined by additional (collateral) EKGs that highlight valuable insight.

EKG Review

EKG Review presents an organized approach to EKG interpretation in 17 Steps.

Quick Quiz

Choose a Quick Quiz case to present when you want to spark an action potential on rounds.

Practice Test

Prepare for a certification examination under testing conditions of 60 EKG cases in 180 minutes.


Identify all the diagnoses directly in the site, have your submission graded immediately, and view the correct answers. Take notes on or flag any EKG to review later and to ensure you retain what you've learned. Use unique calipers during EKG interpretation.

Two Subscription Options

EKGaction educational content is available as an individual subscription or an institutional subscription. With an institutional subscription, institutions can sponsor the accounts of their trainees and professional staff, monitor their progress, and use EKGaction's cases as a teaching tool.

Past Results Tabulation

An individual’s past 5 results, minimum score, and mean score are recorded for each case to identify areas needing concentration and to track improvement.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Completing EKGaction’s educational material allows the subscriber to document competence in EKG interpretation and allows an institution to assure quality among its sponsored individuals.

How it Works

Trainees and professional staff

  • Register for an Individual Account.
  • Activate your account, following the steps provided in the FAQ
  • Begin your training with the Learning Cases which provide the instruction and clinical insight needed for advanced EKG interpretation.
  • Next, hone your skills with the Supplemental Cases which reinforce what you’ve learned and provide valuable acumen.
  • Then, test what you’ve learned under cardiovascular board exam conditions with the Practice Test.
  • Finally, use the Past Results Tabulation to identify areas needing concentration, to track improvement and to document competence.


  • Register for an Institutional Account.
  • Activate your account by making a payment of $249. This will give you access to all the educational material for one year.
  • You can choose to sponsor your trainees and/or professional staff for $69 per individual. This will give them access to the educational material for one year at no additional cost to them.
  • Monitor the performance of the trainees and professional staff you sponsor to help instruct trainees and ensure MoC/QA for professional staff.

Why Choose Us?

EKGaction produces results

Since 2005, using the EKGaction teaching method has improved Cardiology Fellows' interpretation skills and testing scores by integrating clinical pearls into case presentations.

Our EKGs cover all 89 ABIM-style answer choices

This means that on test day you will have had direct experience with every possible answer choice to ensure you are fully prepared.By taking a closer look with EKGaction success on the board exam is within your grasp.

Our EKGs are great to learn from

We have chosen our EKGs from hundreds of thousands of EKGs over a 40-year career. They are selected for the insight they bring to EKG interpretation. Use the extensive case index systems to find a tracing that brings every EKG diagnosis to life.

EKG Review

EKG Review, condensed provides an organized framework for the trainee and a review of points to highlight in EKG interpretation for the practitioner.

Quick Quiz by EKGaction can provide that something extra

There are times when something extra is needed to drive home an important point. When preparing for rounds, choose a Quick Quiz case that serves this purpose. Make learning fun!

There are two payment options for an EKGaction subscription.

The first is an individual subscription for $99 for one year.

The second is an institutional subscription $249/year plus $69/year for each trainee and professional staff (individual) the institution wishes to sponsor. For example, an institution with 10 individuals would pay $249 + (10 x $69) = $939. Thus, there is one financial transaction that includes both the institution and its sponsored individuals. When setting up an institutional account the institution creates an Activation Key. Each sponsored individual must then create an individual account, register using their institution’s name, click Sign up, and accept the Terms and Conditions. At the bottom of the next page, the individual will enter the sponsoring Institution Name and Activation Key to Verify institutional membership. This is only required for initial Sign up. Thereafter, logging into the educational material requires only user name and password. In this way both the institution and the sponsored individuals can have access to the educational material and the sponsoring institution can monitor the work of the sponsored individual.